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The crucial role of user language in chatbot interactions

In recent years, chatbots have become an important part of the digital landscape. They are revolutionising the way businesses engage with their customers. These conversational agents are designed to simulate human-like interactions, providing help, answering queries, and even offering personalised recommendations.  The difference between intent-model chatbots and large language models… Read More »The crucial role of user language in chatbot interactions

Genderless chatbots are the future

Chances are if you’ve interacted with a chatbot it’s had a female name or at the very least an avatar with female characteristics. Why? Where along the decision-making process was it decided that digital assistants had to be female? Can it be linked back to announcements that were used in… Read More »Genderless chatbots are the future

10 tips to improve your chatbot

Chatbots are a popular and cost-effective way for you to communicate with your customers. They can help customers:  However, to make a chatbot successful, it’s important to understand the principles of psychology that can help improve its design and effectiveness. Following are 10 tips that you can use to create… Read More »10 tips to improve your chatbot