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Content writing for chatbots

Cartoon of brown desk with a computer on top with a blue all behind it. Content writing for chatbots can be done using specialised software or mapping with paper and pen.

Have you ever visited a website and interacted with the site’s virtual assistant (a.k.a chatbot)? For every question you pose there is a scripted answer that the chatbot retrieves from its knowledge base to provide you with the answer. Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes to get you that answer?

Work with developers

Conversation designers like me work with chatbot developers to create the scripts so that the chatbot can answer your questions. Now, no chatbot will ever be able to successfully answer 100% of user questions, but the informal benchmark is 80%.

I’ve been lucky to work on multiple chatbot projects for government and universities. This type of writing is perfect for me. When I was at university, I hated having to meet longer word counts when I could write it fewer words. I’m not a waffler when it comes to writing (talking is something entirely different). I like to write the most information in as few words as possible. Plus, as a user I don’t like to ready 2 paragraphs of information before I find out what I need.

How users read your content

We live in an era where we glance at webpages, very rarely reading every word on the page, rather we want easily digestible information that can be easily found.

Chatbot content needs to be short and easily digestible.

Talk to us at Verge Group about how we can develop your chatbot decision trees and conversation flows.

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